Chronology of a DUI Arrest

Many people wonder, “what happens to someone’s car if they are arrested for a DUI?” or “what happens when a police officer pulls someone over on suspicion of DUI?” Click the link below to learn answers to these questions and more! Read more here.

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Things to Know About Illinois Construction Zone Tickets

Reduced speed limits in construction zones serve the purpose of protecting workers, drivers, and passengers. If you do not obeythese restrictions, be prepared to pay fines much larger than a regular speeding ticket. Drivers and Passengers Are More Likely to Be Injured in Construction ZonesContrary to popular belief, drivers and passengers aremore likely to be… Continue reading Things to Know About Illinois Construction Zone Tickets

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Is a First DUI a Misdemeanor or Felony in Illinois?

A first DUI is almost always charged as a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois. The offender will also face maximum penalties of up to a $2,500 fine, up to 364 days in jail, and a license suspension. To learn more about Illinois DUI laws, follow the link here! https://illinois.staterecords.org/dui.php

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