Defending Against Reckless Driving

Defending Against Reckless Driving Charges in Illinois

It only takes a moment of not being completely present behind the wheel to be saddled with potentially life-changing reckless driving charges. So whether you were going more than 35 mph over the speed limit while running late for work or fumbling with your phone while going down the freeway, it is crucial to do everything in your power to fight back against these charges.

What are the penalties for reckless driving?”

This is a question we frequently receive for a good reason. It is scary to face criminal charges and the legal and collateral consequences. Reckless driving is a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

Is This Strike 1, Strike 2, or Strike 3?

No, I’m not asking you to join me in a game of baseball. The gravity of your situation is determined by whether this is your first moving violation, second moving violation or third moving violation in the past 12 months. For example, you will not have your driver’s license suspended if this is your first strike. However, if you were already cited for two moving violations, a reckless driving conviction will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Regardless of how many strikes this is for you, limiting your exposure to criminal and administrative penalties associated with traffic violations is crucial.

“Wet” Reckless versus “Dry” Reckless

Sometimes, a reckess driving charge is the preferred and desired outcome. For example, if you are charged with your second DUI and you have a prior DUI disposition, an amendment to a reckless driving charge can save your driver’s license. This would be considered a “wet” reckless driving because it would be an amended DUI charge.

A dry reckless is unrelated to a DUI offense, but can frequently be confused with one that is related to a DUI.

Can I receive court supervision for a reckless driving charge?

The answer is, as is often the case, it depends. Different factors such as age, prior driving history, nature of the offense, and any mitigating or aggravating factors can impact one’s ability to receive court supervision. Generally, this offense is supervision eligible.

Speak With an Experienced Traffic Defense Lawyer

A reckless driving conviction can threaten your rights, reputation, and ability to drive a motor vehicle legally. Therefore, it is in your interest to fight back against every citation or charge to avoid losing your license and avoid the risk of being charged with driving while suspended or revoked.”