The United States Supreme Court, as well as lower federal and state legislative offices, have outlined very clear and strict guidelines surrounding criminal DUI (driving under the influence) charges. When someone is in the unfortunate circumstance of facing a DUI charge, the case involves an in depth investigation to determine the details of the case. As a criminal defense attorney, I have have seen my fair share of McHenry County DUI cases. A skilled McHenry county DUI lawyer should do their due diligence in checking the facts and details in your case, to search for any missteps made by your arresting officer, or any other government official during the process of your charge. These critical mistakes can be a life changing thing to point out in order to build a strong case for your defense, in the best case leading to the case being thrown out completely. Dismissing your case is often the best case scenario that clients could hope for, meaning that they are allowed to maintain possession of their drivers license, as well as keep a clean driving record with no permanent marks, fines, or extended jail time. Know that regardless of the incident that occurred, as a citizen of the United States of America, you still have rights that should be upheld and respected. If for any reason those rights were violated, you likely have a strong case for defense, and a high probability of securing your freedom in the long term. Thanks to my years of experience as a lawyer in this state, I have had the pleasure of building strong connections, personal relationships, and a wide network with some of the best DUI evaluators that you will ever come into contact with during your search for accurate representation and a competent legal team best fit to serve your needs. I have been working with McHenry County DUI evaluators for the past 6 years, and this is where I recommend you go. Keep in mind that each provider may not be the right fit for every person. You should consult with your attorney for more information about evaluators in McHenry County. I have no contractual relationship with any of the providers listed below.

A New Way of Life, Inc.
720 Industrial Dr. Ste 106
Cary IL 60013

Direct Counseling, Inc.
651 W. Terra Cotta Ave. Ste 210
Crystal Lake IL 60014

Direct Counseling, Inc.
666 Russel Ct. Ste 200
Woodstock IL 60098