If you have a sentence that you need to complete, this page includes every resource you need to take care of it so you can move on with your life.


Your sentence will not be considered complete until you have paid all related fines and fees. Illinois has created a schedule of assessments that is required to be paid if you are guilty of a criminal or traffic offense and are not negotiable. They can be waived in extremely limited circumstances and you should expect to pay these along with your fines.

Click Here to pay your fines and costs with the McHenry County Circuit Clerk.

Traffic School

If you are sentenced to traffic safety school, due to pandemic procedures, you will be required to go online and complete the 4-hour version.

Click Here to register and complete the 4-hour traffic safety school.


In some cases, you will be required to complete one of the following evaluations and any recommended treatment:

Public Service Work

Public service work is also called community service. In some cases, you may be required to complete some volunteer work at non-profit organizations in and around McHenry County. This work is uncompensated labor and the judge will make sure that you complete all of your required hours. The Department of Court services or your probation officer is in charge of confirming the completion of these hours and will provide a list of options. Sometimes, public service work needs to be completed prior to the end of a case pursuant to a negotiation for a better outcome.

Click Here for a list of non-profit organizations that provide public service work opportunities in McHenry County.

Online Courses

Several online programs are available to help satisfy both sentencing and presentencing requirements.  3rd Millenium Classrooms provides a wide array of programs that people can or may be required to take depending on their charge. Here are some potential options:

  • Alcohol
  • Anger
  • Conflict
  • Marijuana
  • Nicotine
  • Shoplifting 
  • Underage drinking

Inpatient and Intensive Out-Patient Programs

If you need to seek treatment as a condition of a sentence or out of basic necessity for yourself, there are many different options in and around McHenry County. Inpatient or IOP treatment can be the right decision for many people given the circumstances around an alleged offense. If you need help, click here for some resources to help you on the road to recovery.