Have You Been Ticketed for Speeding in a Construction Zone?

As in virtually every other state, Illinois has specific laws in regards to speeding in construction zones. These laws were established to protect those working in the field of road construction, and if you violate them, you will more than likely face penalties that are much harsher than an average speeding ticket. For this reason, you will definitely want to contact an Illinois traffic ticket attorney if you have been caught speeding in a construction zone.

Penalties for Speeding in a Construction Zone in Illinois

If you are caught speeding in a construction zone and it is your first time, you will face a $250 fine on top of court costs.  A second offense carries with it a minimum fine of $750.  Furthermore, if you’re found guilty twice within 2 years, and construction workers were present either time, you will be suspended for 90 days. Speeding in a construction zone is a serious traffic offense, so you will want to reach out to an Illinois traffic ticket lawyer to fight your ticket as soon as possible.

Special Considerations

  • Was the construction zone marked clearly?
  • How did the ticketing officer determine your speed?
  • Did any cameras in the construction zone capture you speeding?
  • Were workers present?
  • Who counts as a worker?

As mentioned above, if you are convicted of speeding in a construction zone, you could lose the right to drive, and suffer severe monetary costs. You could also face the prospect of getting points on your license and having to pay astronomical car insurance premiums.

Speak With a Legal Professional Today

If you’ve been ticketed for speeding in a construction zone, you may be resigned to paying your fine and dealing with whatever other repercussions you may be facing. You can take such an approach to your situation, but you must remember you can fight your charge with the help of an Illinois attorney. Get in touch with The Nold Law Firm, LLC today to speak with a legal professional.