2nd or subsequent 6-303 based on DUI

1st 6-303 based on reckless homicide

2nd DUI if prior DUI con, sup, or guilty of a prior reckless driving

Overweight charges

Permit Violation

Speeding in school zone

Speeding in construction zone

Pedestrians right of way at crosswalk/school zone

Approaching/Overtaking/Passing School Bus

Scott’s Law if results in damage to a vehicle

Uninsured Motor Vehicle if within past 5 years a sup or conv

Suspended Reg from Insurance if within past 5 years of a sup or conv

Display false insurance card if within past 5 years of a sup or conv

Can’t get sup if under 21 on 2nd serious traffic offense

Can’t get sup on 6-303 if DUI based if conviction/supervision for 6-303 w/in 10 years

Can’t get sup on first DUI based if MDDP eligible but failed to get one, or in vehicle w/out BAIID

2nd or subsequent class A or B speeder

1st class A or B speeder in urban district

Any violation causing death if a prior conviction or supervision for any mover